The Best Skincare Secrets from All Over the Planet

Being a woman, beauty overall is very important. There are many tips, tricks and hacks that women use all around the world that aids in their beauty.

Whether it’s a healthy diet, a religious fitness regime or getting a skin treatment on the regular, there are many different tips and tricks that add to the beauty of women all around the world, and we’re not just talking makeup.
Beauty starts with proper skincare. Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, there is no doubt as to why this is true.

Thinking of the advancements of technology and what it allowed us to discover, everything from scientific research and the manufacturing of new, enhanced products, it may often come to mind that, how did the women do it back in the day.

Even though technology has offered the beauty world a lot of variety and accessibility to products, there are many products on the market that contain toxins, as well as fillers, that can be harmful to your skin.
Back in the day, when there were no facials, no makeup, or at least not the good kind, nor a handbook on what to eat to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

It takes the beauty industry far back to a time where women, and men, used all-natural products, to enhance their skin and features.

3 Countries with the Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

South Africa

Ah, the Southern tip of Africa, which, contrary to belief, is not filled with Mufasa roaming freely, has some of the best beauty secrets.

It all starts with their famous baobab tree, which is also referred to as the tree of life and contains very high levels of both vitamin C and calcium. The presence of its high volume of vitamins and minerals promote incredibly smooth, soft and above and beyond the hydrated skin.

The baobab extract is sold in the form of an oil and is also harvested by women’s collectives, which means the earnings go to the families, as well those that are in need within their communities.



If it’s not their daily water ritual that keeps them young and radiant, then it must be the secret, followed by their geishas.

Camellia oil, also known as Tsubaki, is derived from the plant, Camellia Oleifera and is used by the geishas to promote anti-ageing effects on the skin. It contains high levels of oleic acid and can be used for hair, skin, as well as the entire body.


Sticking to Asia, the Chinese are well known for having some of the best herbs and remedies to promote longevity.
One of their best beauty hacks is crushed pearls, which have been used for thousands of years, both for consumption and their exterior body.

It is extremely rich in AA’s (amino acids) and generates collages, which promotes new skin growth, meaning the elasticity of their skin is increased, promoting a flawless, clear complexion.

Post Author: Ted D. Scotti