You must have heard about detox teas from actors and would like to try them for yourselves. These detox teas are sold as a miracle weight loss treatment but do you know everything about these detox teas. In this article, we are going to be discussing the dangerous aspects of detox teas.

They are all different

Some detox teas are harmless and contain senna, which is a natural laxative; it works by contracting your colon and release the water and waste from the body. The trend of red tea detox is on the rage, if you are having few questions like, red tea detox does it work?  The answer is yes! If taken in right quantity it will help you by increasing metabolism.

Natural is not always safe

People assume that if the label mentions the word natural, it is safe to consume, but it is not always the case as detox teas are generally not regulated and the ingredients used in the teas might not work well together causing ill-effects to the body.

Medications might not work properly

If you are consuming pills for any reason, it is adviced that you keep away from detox teas which can interact with the medicine and lead to dangerous situations. Talk to your dietician or a medical professional before opting for detox teas. If you are consuming contraceptive pills, detox teas affect the working of the contraceptive pills, making it useless. Also, it is normal that the pills before working might get passed from the stool.

Sleep problems are common

Detox teas contain a high level of caffeine, which means that it suppresses your appetite as well as interfere with your sleep cycle, which can lead to many other problems. It is better that you check the amount of caffeine in your detox tea before consuming and make sure that you are not intolerant towards certain foods.

Your body might not absorb nutrients

Detox tea taken in considerable amounts is healthy, but if you consume it without taking into consideration your health, it is more than likely that your body won’t be able to absorb the important nutrients and the detox tea will push out the toxins before it has been absorbed which can be bad for your health. Also, as detox teas have laxatives it is better that you keep track of the cups of tea you are drinking to ensure they do not cause any long-term issues as this might cause dehydration which is extremely dangerous, which looks like you are experiencing weight loss, but it is just your body losing water due to excessive consumption of detox teas.

Post Author: Ted D. Scotti